T -1

Who new eating as many ice-lollies in half an hour could be part of any medical treatment but it turns out that it is.  Today I was given a bag of heavy duty chemo and to try and preserve as much of the soft mucus tissue in your mouth and throat you have to eat ice-lollies.  I managed 5 – the max is 10.  Turns out that I am also starting to suffer from chemo brain as it took me about half an hour to remember the word cookbook and not menu when thinking I should invest in some good diabetic recipes.  See that the thing while I am still feeling mostly alright I am suffering from high temps, rigors, bugs in my line, rashes, allergic reaction and diabetes again.  On the plus side none of this is new to the team, and the team here are fabulous, so each new problem is investigated and treated well.  So today I am having more chemo and more chemo and more chemo, followed by antibiotics and antibiotics and antibiotics then they give antihistamine and that is good night from me as it just knocks me out.  Tomorrow I get my new cells and then from what I have been told the fun will really start but I am ok with that.   Over the last few days this has got me thinking and it is not because I think anything will really happen to me,  but because it might,  that I wanted to say that each and every one of you means so much to me and has enriched my life in some way, you have made my life’s journey more interesting and enjoyable and basically helped to make me the person who I am today (some of you might not say that is such a good thing ;o).  And in that respect I know I am not perfect and I want to take this opportunity to say sorry if I have ever hurt or wronged you in some way.  I hope that you can forgive me for I really did not mean to.  I also want to say thank you for the fun times, the laughs and the giggles, the nights of deep conversation, the meditations on God, the teaching about prayer and faith, the holding through the tears, the letting me in to your lives to do the same.  You are all amazing people. Just remember (and I know you will have heard it before) life is short.  Don’t put off today something that you should be doing, something that will make you happy, we don’t get do-overs in this life just one chance to make the right choices so make yours count.  Anyway here comes the antihistamine so it is time for my afternoon nap.  Love you all xxx



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