Tis the season

Tomorrow I am away back down to Glasgow.  After being off chemo tablets for a month I am going to go down to pick them up and I can’t say I am looking forward to it.  While at the moment I do have an infection, which means I wont be able to start the chemo straight away, I know that at some point next week I will have to start popping the tablets again.  I thought that going on the tablets was going to be easy but it turns out that is not the case. Today, however, I heard that after being off the tablets for such a long time my liver function and blood count is almost normal again and I am willing to take that as a win.  I am also letting myself enjoy the run up to Christmas this year.  I know it is only November  but this time last year I was very sick (and very, very yellow) and unsure what the future held so this year I am making up for lost time.  Therefore be warned that from now (until the tablets do their nasty stuff) I am declaring it the season to be merry and so help anything, especially cancer, that gets in my way.

Free again.

Home tomorrow or the next day, yippee.  I have been on lots of antibiotics and have been given blood (I can’t stress this strongly enough but if you can please, please donate) and I have now been off chemo for 2 weeks so while I may be in hospital I am actually feeling the best that  I have in a long while.  This said they do plan to dose me up before letting me go (evil, evil doctors).  So with this in mind the plan is to go home and enjoy the run up to Christmas (yes I am using the C word already) making up for last year. I love this time of year, I love the hope and the promise that it offers.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I am getting home soon, what more can a girl ask for?  Well I do have a list but…..

Flashing fireworks and other things.

Ok call this overshare but the problem with having a lump/infection in your breast is that you have to keep flashing your boobs at strangers.  Now there may once have been a time in my life, given enough to drink, that would not have been an issue but really that was around 20 years ago and I think I am well past that point now (if my parents are reading this I was ALWAYS well behaved).   Also my wonderful doctors (and they are) stopped by today to say that I will be in over the weekend so no bonfire night for me this year.  However being that I am in the centre of Glasgow I guess I can find a window somewhere that points in a direction of a firework display.  Oh well here’s to November 5th 2017 as there is no way I am missing 3 Guy Fawkes nights in a row.  Now I call that forward planning.

Round and round we go.

Life has a funny way of making circles.  This time last year I was in hospital and I was kind of hoping that I was finished with sleep overs in the Beatson but no such luck.  A week ago on Friday I came down and was taken off my chemo (big smile) as I was on a bit too much and I was struggling with various infections.  Since then everything has mostly improved so today I came down for intravenous and intrathecal chemo only to be told that I was going to be moving back in due to an infection and that chemo was cancelled again (the things one does to avoid it).  So here I am chilling in the Friends of the Beatson, as I probably was this time last year, but on the plus side I know I will be out in a few days (I truly thank God for intravenous antibiotics).    As always the staff here (like all the medical staff I have met)  are fantastic and the 7 hours I spent in out-patients waiting to see what was happening  passed in a blur of fun and laughter.  I guess even though I may not want to be here I have to admit that there are much worse places I could be and fingers crossed it is only for a couple of days as this year I intend to be home for bonfire night.