Hair today :o)

Today was a good day.  In fact today was a monumental day.  Today I had my first hair cut (and I don’t mean the kind that takes it all off).  The funny thing was that my hairdresser kept going on about how thick my hair is and I just kept thinking what it was like a few months ago.  Today I also had chemo and tomorrow I get more in my spine but that’s ok for in the last few weeks I have started to drive again (be warned) and now I have had a hair cut.   Each day I am getting stronger.  I have a long way to go yet but right now I feel positive, I am going to beat this thing and I am going to really LIVE.  I don’t know why I am getting this second chance when so many others, others with wives, husbands, children or grandchildren, haven’t, but I am and I will make the most of it (whatever “it” turns out to be).

What a difference a year makes.

This time last year I was in hospital with a blood clot.  What a difference a year makes.  Today I was able to go outside and enjoy the snow for a bit which was amazing.    I am so lucky because I know so many people have not made it this far.  Cancer is a horrible disease that robs not just the sufferer but their friends and family too.  I am so grateful to still be here and to be able to start a sentence with “this time last year…”  I am however postponing my “birthday” again as the tablets are doing a number on me and I would like to appreciate my birthday dinner.  The upside of this is that soon my younger sister will be older than me tee-hee.

Happy New Year 2017

I hope that everyone has had a great New Year.  I did.  I had a brilliant night last night with my family and friends and was reminded once again how lucky I am.  So last year was maybe not my best but it could have been a lot worse and the fact that I am still here proves it.  This year I plan for things to be slightly different, this year I intend to start living my life again (or maybe that should be finally start living my life).  This year I am going to laugh more, enjoy the outdoors more, fall in love (maybe), read more (I am open to ideas and suggestions), take more risks and chances (again ideas and suggestions), become more interested in politics, keep in better contact with my friends and family, get fit, put others first, love more, take more photos to remember all of this and continue to beat cancers butt.  These are my aims and I hope by having them then 2017 will be an unforgettable year and I hope that it is also wonderfully unforgettable and truly marvellous for all my friends and family xxx