Happy Birthday To Me

Fiona here, I have stolen Jades blog , ha ha that will teach her to leave the computer out.  Ok, so that is a lie, she has asked me to help her do it as she has chemo brain.  You can tell she is not firing on all cylinders, when her instructions were limited to” nothing rude.” So here goes

Jade had her transplant yesterday and therefore has a second birthday.  So I now technically have  a younger sister, mum and dad we need words.  She is doing well especially since mum and myself are here  to torture her.  Having done her sleeping beauty trick yesterday, she is now awake and functioning as best as she can. That being  said  she is still sitting around doing drugs, which is wrong.

When you really think about it, what this complete stranger has done for our family is out of this word, amazing.  We will never get to thank them, but I can thank everyone who tried to sign up, those who are now on the donor register and those who shared it.  You will always be in our families hearts.   Having this journey  to travel may not be fun, but we have it and will definitely find major laughs along the way.

I would also like to thank everyone of you that has sent positive words of encouragement, sent letters, followed her blog, prayed for us and those who have been able to visit her.  This has really kept her spirits up, when it all got too much.  It has also made it easier on my family, to know she always has someone to talk to, being that we are nearly spread for one end of the country to the other.  That is for noise control not because we don’t like each other.

At present she is on antifungal  drugs ( she did have the lurgy as a child lol), anti sickness and her blood sugars are all kinds of crazy, but all in all she is doing ok.  Unfortunately she has pet bugs in her line so she needs to have anti biotics. I have managed not to bring any germs up this time so no need to be vaccinated against her family.

Now you get to know the real Jade.  She is fleecing mum and myself out of a dog when she finally kicks this cancer in the bum ( not too rude ).  I think a mix would be good, so may be a bull dog crossed with shih Tzu, you can work out what that would be lol.  Who cares, she can have what she wants for this one time ever lol

So that is me for now and handing back the blog to Jade.

Love Fiona xxxxxxxxxx

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