Some days I am not OK. Today is one such day.

There are some days when I don’t think I am strong enough for this. There are some days when I feel so much more than just bruised and broken. Today was one such day. While thinking about Fiona’s funeral (nope we still have not had it), mum and I got out dad’s kilt and it hit me then that I am not even close to being over the loss of him, never mind dealing with Fiona’s death. Then in the post I received not 1 but 3 hospital letters, oh such fun. To top it all I am trying to keep up/ catch up with Uni and keep on top of my placement. Sometimes I think the One in charge believes that I am Superwoman, but I can tell you now that I am not. This is hard, so much harder than I could ever imagine and I just want to keep picking up the phone to talk to her, and at least once to shout at her – after I noticed the rude message that popped up on my phone when calling Chad in front of the minister, only Fiona would preprogramme my phone do that ;o) I know tomorrow is another day, and it will be better I hope (well at least there is not post ;o) but today I feel a bit like I am drowning and there does not seem to be a life raft near me. Tomorrow is another day, but today right now I can officially say life sucks xxx