Ready, set, here we go……..

This morning I woke up in the QEUH for the first time ready to start the next step in my journey.  Yesterday was day -8 and today is -7.  At day 0 I receive my new cells from some amazing stranger out there who has never met me yet is willing to try to save my life.  In a world full of horrid news about awful people and situations there are still wonderful, wonderful people out there doing good, kind and caring deeds just because they can and we should never forget that.

So this morning I had another bone marrow biopsy which is always fun, fun, fun and then my first dose of chemo.  The amount of tablets they have me on is fairly substantial, with these being the ones I get before breakfast  Image preview


So this next wee while is going to be a bit rocky but at least I know what the plan is and with God’s help and your continued good wishes I hope to be out of here in no time!
















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