Deep breath……

I am not really sure how to start this.  I want to sit down with everyone and just look at them in that kind and heartfelt way that Dr. F has obviously practised and tell them the truth.  The problem is that I am struggling with that truth.  I thought I had fought my fight, I thought I had won my battles and my war, but I was so wrong.  Today I was told that my leukemia really is back.  Today I was told that I had lost and it had won.  Today I was told we have to start again and find a new way to beat this thing.  Today I was told that I have to go back in to the Beatson on Tuesday and today for the first time ever I started to question the outcome.  But I am home now, I know I have people who love me, people who support me and God is with me – so what more can I ask for?  In my last post I mentioned something about big pants well now I am just going to have to pull them over my leggings and find my superpower, because my story is not over yet not by a long shot.  I understand if those of you on Facebook are getting fed up of my drama but I can’t say that I am going to stop posting any time soon, so if you need a break I get it and if you don’t then I guess all I can say is LETS DO THIS – you, me and God versus leukemia – I know which side I would choose to be on.


  1. Robina MacGregor · July 16, 2019

    We are with you along your next steps fighting all the way Jade. Prayers and thoughts are with you and your big girls pants,


  2. Alison · July 17, 2019

    Don’t EVER stop posting. You’ve got this! Xx


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