Flashing fireworks and other things.

Ok call this overshare but the problem with having a lump/infection in your breast is that you have to keep flashing your boobs at strangers.  Now there may once have been a time in my life, given enough to drink, that would not have been an issue but really that was around 20 years ago and I think I am well past that point now (if my parents are reading this I was ALWAYS well behaved).   Also my wonderful doctors (and they are) stopped by today to say that I will be in over the weekend so no bonfire night for me this year.  However being that I am in the centre of Glasgow I guess I can find a window somewhere that points in a direction of a firework display.  Oh well here’s to November 5th 2017 as there is no way I am missing 3 Guy Fawkes nights in a row.  Now I call that forward planning.

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