Round and round we go.

Life has a funny way of making circles.  This time last year I was in hospital and I was kind of hoping that I was finished with sleep overs in the Beatson but no such luck.  A week ago on Friday I came down and was taken off my chemo (big smile) as I was on a bit too much and I was struggling with various infections.  Since then everything has mostly improved so today I came down for intravenous and intrathecal chemo only to be told that I was going to be moving back in due to an infection and that chemo was cancelled again (the things one does to avoid it).  So here I am chilling in the Friends of the Beatson, as I probably was this time last year, but on the plus side I know I will be out in a few days (I truly thank God for intravenous antibiotics).    As always the staff here (like all the medical staff I have met)  are fantastic and the 7 hours I spent in out-patients waiting to see what was happening  passed in a blur of fun and laughter.  I guess even though I may not want to be here I have to admit that there are much worse places I could be and fingers crossed it is only for a couple of days as this year I intend to be home for bonfire night.

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