Tis the season

Tomorrow I am away back down to Glasgow.  After being off chemo tablets for a month I am going to go down to pick them up and I can’t say I am looking forward to it.  While at the moment I do have an infection, which means I wont be able to start the chemo straight away, I know that at some point next week I will have to start popping the tablets again.  I thought that going on the tablets was going to be easy but it turns out that is not the case. Today, however, I heard that after being off the tablets for such a long time my liver function and blood count is almost normal again and I am willing to take that as a win.  I am also letting myself enjoy the run up to Christmas this year.  I know it is only November  but this time last year I was very sick (and very, very yellow) and unsure what the future held so this year I am making up for lost time.  Therefore be warned that from now (until the tablets do their nasty stuff) I am declaring it the season to be merry and so help anything, especially cancer, that gets in my way.

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