Breathing space

Who could know that 2 weeks could pass so fast.  I have just spent a wonderful couple of weeks with my sister and her family in Essex and it was so good to be doing something that did not involve hospitals in any way.  It was almost possible to forget that there was anything wrong with me (except for the wonderful case of sunburn) and just get on with meeting new people and having fun.  It is only when you stop running from appointment to appointment that you realise that life is passing you by and just how much cancer takes over everything; these 2 weeks have given me space to breath and gather myself again.  Now however I am back home and back to the hospital stuff.  Yesterday I had an eye scan, which I hope is ok, and tomorrow it is back down to Glasgow to see my consultant and to pick up more meds.  Today however is all about forms, I am filling in benefits forms (such fun) and also applying to do a psychology and counselling degree (which is more fun).   This course shall be a bit of a challenge as my brain seems to have shut down since the chemo started but we shall see how it goes and anyway some people would question whether I ever had a brain anyway ;o)

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