I guess it IS in the eye of the beholder.

Good news – my eyes are improving yippee.  I have a hospital appointment next month but they are getting better.  Also great news – I have finished my consolidation treatment and am now on maintenance which is much less intense, yippee.

On Friday I went to Inverness for treatment and I must admit I was not feeling my best.  These days I am exhausted and doing anything too physical i.e. walking longer than the length of the house exhausts me.  However when I was in Inverness a stranger came up to me and told me how beautiful and inspiring I was. (Let me tell you a secret I have never felt beautiful in my life and even less so now).  Later after lunch I met the woman again and she repeated her earlier comments (no I was not stalking her) and I must admit that it lifted my spirits.  Ok I know that I am NOT beautiful but while I had never met this woman before and probably never will again her words improved my day (although dad questioned if she really meant me – you have to love him).   This just goes to show how a few positive words can work wonders, and reminded me to always think before I speak, because words are one of our most powerful tools and we should use them responsibly.


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