Thank you.

Ok so it has been a while since I have written here and that is basically because I have been exhausted.  On Sunday I was even unable to make dad’s fathers day dinner and my poor mother was left with that task.  On top of that on Friday when I came up the road from a doctors appointment my mum, dad and Louise spent over 7 hours traveling around the country, stuck in accidents and behind windmill convoys just because of me.  They have spent months ferrying me around and dealing with the fallout of this illness.  Even my 3 year old niece is missing me and wanting me better so I can come and visit.  While chemo may not be fun, it is not me. but the rest of the family that really have to cope with this illness.  I may have the cancer but I just have to turn up for the treatment while they are left with all the rest.  Over the months that I have had this I have seen my dad age and heard how my mother has worried about how she would cope if I died. .  While I sit in the waiting room I hear similar stories being repeated again and again.  Family members having to take time of work to look after sick relatives, worry and stress causing them to become sick themselves, but through it all there is a strength and a positiveness that would be hard to find anywhere else.  While cancer may be trying to break an individual it finds it very hard to break a family unit and tonight I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to my family because while I may be putting them through hell I could not do this without them (both those up North and those down South) they are amazing and I love them.

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