On the inside.

Today I felt a bit like a prisoner who was having there contraband forcibly removed.  Ok, maybe not quite that but the hospital stole my salad. My smoked mackerel salad became smoked mackerel -hmmmmm it is just not the same.  Why you may ask how could anyone be so cruel, well it was just to stop me getting sicker. You see this week I came back down for chemo on Tuesday and on Wednesday when I went in for the next round I was kept in.  Now this would not have been so bad if I had been prepared, but I am never sick (well ok maybe a bit of an understatement), so I had nothing with me.  Turns out I had all the ics I was neutropenic, anaemic, diabetic (thank you steroids)  and infected (ok I know it is not an ic but…..)  I had some infection that spiked a temp and chemo was cancelled and up to a ward I went.  Sadly now instead of going home tomorrow I am in for the weekend.  On the plus side my dear friend Rhona dropped off my things the next day as just one night in a hospital gown, no soap or toothbrush was enough for me to cope with and probably all the NHS staff.  So her I stay until my counts come up but I have had 3 units of blood so that has cured the anaemia yippee, with amount of antibiotics I am having pumped in the infection should be gone and the blood sugars seem to be under control.  I guess three out of four ain’t bad.

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