The sun is out and all is well.

The world is full of amazing and wonderful people.  Today a friend of mind drove for 150 miles just so that my car could get an m.o.t. and also to take me to the bus in Fort William because the road was closed in Skye and the bus I had to get was cancelled – so thank you Mr Gilbert you are fantastic.  While then waiting on the connecting bus to the hospital I managed to drop my suitcase and before I knew it some gentleman had picked it up for me.  Now I could have done it but he was there before I could move telling me to “look after myself”.  There are days when you just believe again in the goodness of people.

So on Wednesday I had my portacath inserted as they could no longer use any picc lines.  Sadly when I went to the hospital today it did not work but fingers crossed that it is only due to swelling around the tubing and that it will work like it should next week.


Tomorrow I have to go for another round of spinal chemo and to have my bloods checked.  Now the pharmacist seems to think that they will have dropped and he has told the nurses to stop  me doing a runner home but I am hoping that he is wrong and that I am able to flee the coop without any issue tomorrow – well that would be after a needle is rammed in my spine oh the joy.  There are some days when I just know that I am so very lucky because if these are the worst of my problems then I am doing A OK.


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