Lucky me

So after all my moaning I did come down, I almost missed the bus but that was by mistake and not a deliberate ploy.   Today I had picc number 5 put in but it is choosing not to work so it is in my left arm and I have a cannula in my right hand.  Those of us who live in this country are so lucky and sometimes I think we (I) forget this.  Here I am getting top class medical care, care without which I would be dead, and we do so without having to deal with an impossible to pay bill at the end.  Every doctor and nurse I have met has done an amazing job.  One sat for almost an hour trying to get my picc to work and did so with more humour and good grace than I think I would have mustered (although she is glad to be off tomorrow).  I meet people every day, who are on this journey with me, and we are all so grateful for the amazing service provided.  We know we are the lucky ones although sometimes, like this weekend, it is hard to remember this.

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