The Sunshine and shadow

My computer has been sick for 2 weeks now and will be in its own hospital until the weekend when I hope to collect it fully recovered.  I, at the moment, am home from hospital and am enjoying (although sadly avoiding) the sunshine.  Chemo and sunshine don’t go so most of the day is spent in the shade watching as everyone else plays in the sun. On the plus side I normally burn as soon as the sun comes out so this shade living has to be good for me. 

So picc number 5 never worked and was taken out last Friday.  They are not able to put in any more lines as my veins are shot and as such have decided to put in a portacath but they are not sure if they can do it this week or not.

This week I also realised that I have to work at being a nicer person. The chemo and travel etc are taking there toll on me a bit and I found myself becoming grumpy and snappy with everyone close to me. Here I am going back to church and trying hard to be a better person and at home I am becoming someone I don’t like so now I have to get a better grip on myself and remember being sick is not an excuse for being awful to live with. 

On a funnier note I almost killed my family this week. I made garlic and chilli chicken, but the chemo has destroyed my taste buds, so while I happily ate my dinner the others turned a very strange colour  and started gasping for water. Maybe I don’t have to be nicer as if I cook like that again they may not survive!

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