Family, who would have them?

Has anyone ever had to be inoculated against their own family before?  Well I had that joy this week.  After finally getting out of hospital on Wednesday morning and coming home, Rory my 3 year old niece decided to get chickenpox on Thursday.  This meant that on Friday I had to go to the doctors and have 4 injections (2 of which just had to go in my bum) and am now having to take 5 horse tablets a day.  While this may not be much fun being home and spending time with my family is.  Sadly Fiona and co left today but it was still great to spend some time with them.

So this is me home until Tuesday when I am back in for another round of chemo.  While the chemo itself is no fun, it is not too awful either.  Being stuck on a drip for a week however is no laugh.  I am unable to move my right arm much, as it stops the drip and sets the alarm off, so basically I have to lie in bed and not move.  Top this off with the internet not working and you can imaging how much fun that was.  This time I hope to be in a different bed (one with wifi signal) and thus will be able to speak to the outside world while I am incarcerated on the inside.

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