Internet is internot

So I am back in hospital and have a huge problem – what you may ask?  Well my internet is hardly working, so Netflix is not happy, and thus neither am I.  Also the machine that is putting my chemo in (for the next 23 hours) is working for about two minutes before it decides that there is a problem and starts beeping its little head off. Add to that I have to pee in shells all the time and leave them in the bathroom for the nurses to take away (the bathroom is shared with three others) and you might understand just how pants this stay in hospital is.  Yesterday I had another bone marrow test and a new picc line was put in which left me feeling a bit battered and bruised so all in all I am not feeling my best.  picc

On the plus side the people in my ward are fantastic, as are the staff, and that makes everything easier.  Also one of my good friends is raising money for the Beatson ( so if you have any pennies spare please think of giving them to Jay, and thus the Beatson, and help in this fight against cancer.

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