All packed up….

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes, and sorry I have not been in contact until now to say thanks, but I have been feeling very “blah.” I was sadly in hospital for my birthday, although my family came to visit, and made it so much better.  Also the staff here made a huge effort, and I had cake and gifts from them, which was really nice.  So the reason for feeling under the weather has been that I have had a pain in my neck and chest, which has meant sleep has been hard to find, add to that a swollen arm where my PICC line was means I have been having x-rays, ECG’s, CAT scans etc. and it turns out I have a clot in my left arm where my line was.  So today while the PICC line has been taken out I am not able to get out :o(  So here I sit, all packed and ready to go, but not able to go anywhere.  I am going to be shown how to give myself blood thinning injections and I just hope they do their job and the clot dissolves.   At the moment I must admit that I am not feeling my best (the injection in my spine yesterday also did not help), but I know that the only way from here is up and that has to be a good thing does it not?

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