Meet the anti’s

So still in hospital.  I have been put on a diet of antibiotics, antifungal, and antiviral medication to complement my antisickness and anticancer drugs.  All I have to do just now is cross my fingers and hope they work until my neutrophils come back on line.  Let me tell you something, this is a very easy thing to do until someone coughs or sneezes next to you!  Having said that I do feel like rather a fraud sitting here taking up precious bed space.  As I have already said everyone else in my room is very sick, some of them terminally so, and here I am playing on my laptop. Yesterday, sadly, I had a front view seat on how they break the bad news to patients and let me tell you this if they ever ask me when my family are going to be visiting I am running for the hills as Denial is a destination I would much rather prefer to Bedside Bad News.  In saying this the human spirit is fantastic, and after listening to others stories, I for one can’t help but be amazed at how strong some people can be when faced with all that life can throw at them.  I listen to their tales and wonder how I would cope.  While I would like to think I would cope with grace and dignity, I do have my doubts (I know myself), however I also hope to never have to find out.  So lets pray that my anti’s do their job and do it well, and maybe then this time next week I will be back in the real world, as I believe (sadly) that someone else probably needs this bed space a bit more than me.


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