One step forward….

So back in hospital again,  neutrophils are down to 0.1 and I am needing more blood AGAIN.  Please, please donate if you can – it is so important for so many people.  Being back in hospital is always interesting with new staff and new roommates to get to know  This time the people I am in with are really quite ill but they were short of beds so here I am.  Today I had a big decision to make about whether I was going to start my course now or in six months time.  In the end I decided 6 months would be the best idea as I have no energy at the moment and still don’t know what the next step of my treatment involves.  While I have never been really “sick” since that first infection I am always completely exhausted in a way that I have never been before.  It is hard to explain how bone deep it goes  and how sometimes even replying to a message or making a phone call takes a Herculean amount of effort.  There are some days even getting to the hospital is a killer and I am not daft enough to think I can then sit and study afterwards.  So I have a six month reprieve and by then I hope to be on my  feet again, fully fit and ready to go and if not?  Well we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

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