Tis the season….

I thought I knew what it felt to be tired before.  There were some days, especially this summer, when I was so exhausted that the only thing I could think about was my bed.  That, however, is nothing like the way I am feeling today.  Today I can officially say that I am bone weary.  The tiredness I am feeling is totally unnatural and pretty much drug induced.  Yesterday I was taken off my steroids and given two lots of cancer treatment one called Rituximab and one called Asparaginase both of which are great drugs but the combination of both of then has left me wiped and taken with it my witty repartee (yes I know it is hard to believe).  The problem with being this  tired is that one of the drugs has a high risk level of giving blood clots so that means that I can’t sit on my butt all day but I have to keep active so aaahhhhhhhhh.

So tonight’s high point is Christmas decoration making (don’t laugh)  There is someone coming in every Tuesday evening to do Christmas crafts in Friends and guess what I am going to go and I am going to make something crafty – go me!  While me on the outside may have laughed at that, me on the inside (Prisoner Cell Block H (ish) I know) is actually looking forward to it and I may even include photos to prove how artistic I am ;o)

Having just come back from making my angel let me tell you something it was much harder that it looks between blurry vision, numb fingers and shaking hands (all thanks to the cancer drugs and not alcohol induced) but here she is – now be amazed at my talent!!!!!angel

And on the theme of photos I feel that the time has come for me to introduce you to my new, all be it hopefully fleeting, abode.   So this is the Beatson all ready for Halloween at the weekend where there will be no craft making involved, thank goodness, but there will be a movie night, great company and lots of laughter so I can live with that.

bed friends haloween2 view2 witch1

So today we have covered Christmas and Halloween – I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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  1. Jackie · October 28, 2015

    Hi Jade sorry your feeling so crap its sounds horrible, I love your Angel, the Beatson looks like a great hospital.everyone is asking after you regularly all clients even the ones you didn’t have! After reading your free press article, and of course all your work mates hope you have a good day today Xx


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