Spinal Tap

I know it has been a couple of days since I have updated here but that is due to the fact that I have had a headache ever since they played around in my spine with their big sharp needles (oh there is a sentence I wish I never had to say).  Basically they take out some of your spinal fluid to test and then inject chemo into your spine to help kill any cancer that could be in your nervous system and brain.  Sadly my head has decided that is not playing ball with this procedure and has rebelled against its owner ever since.  As they have to do this a number of times over the coming months I am hoping my brain gets with the programme but knowing my brain…

On top of this they put you on steroids for 4 days when you have your chemo (and no Louise I am not doing illegal drugs) and thus I have only had 5 hours sleep in the last 49 hours (thanks extra hour last night) and black circles around my eyes is just not a sexy look.  Not only that but the steroids also increase your appetite and while I may have lost 3 stone in the last 2 months that does not mean I can’t put it all on again on the 4 days I am on the steroids.  So yes a steroid induced, sleep deprived and starving Jade is probably something to be avoided at all costs

Today they organised a brain scan for me and yes I have one and I now have proof.  Supposedly when the doctor looked in my eyes this morning (she was checking because of the headaches)  there was some swelling, so a brain scan was arrange, but all was fine.  After that I was given another blood transfusion which I am hoping works against the pain and by tomorrow I will be firing on all cylinders again.   Every time I get a unit of blood or a bag of plasma I can’t help but feel so grateful to whoever the stranger was that is helping to save my life just now.  After each transfusion I feel 100 times better and am ready to face the next round of treatment with so much more energy and as I am getting the trial drug tomorrow tonight’s bloods are a bonus.

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