Cancer 101

This morning I learnt something new, just when I thought I could not feel any more exhausted I found a whole new low.  Having got up bright and early, temp, pulse and blood pressure taken, I then organised my clothes and went to wash and dress.  Now normally I can wash and dress myself (I know I am amazing like that) but this morning I did wonder if I was going to be stuck in the bathroom until someone noticed I was AWOL and came in to find me lying in a half dressed, soaking wet puddle – now that would not be a good way to start your working day.  I was so tired that I had to sit and rest before I could leave the bathroom and then when I made it back to my bed I fell straight back to sleep.  Two hours, just two hours awake and I had exhausted myself.  On the plus side I know that as of tomorrow things will be on the up again as it is steroid/chemo day once more.

Now tomorrow should be my last day of chemo for this round of treatment and the basic idea is that as of tomorrows (and Monday’s) drugs the leukaemia in my bone marrow should be, well dead, for the want of a better word.  This stage is called Induction and is kind of chapter 1 in my recovery.  After Monday it is a bit of a waiting game as I have to wait for my system to kind of reboot itself and my bloods etc to come up.  Once everything seems to be in order I then get to escape from here ( not that it is a bad place) and become an out patient.   Out patient, it seems like such an exciting word.  I have a great friend here that I am moving in with and while I will still be having chemo weekly, as long as my bloods stay up and infection stays away, I should be able to do it from the comfort of her home (isn’t she lucky)

So the next stage of treatment is called Consolidation and basically the idea behind that is to keep having the chemo until ALL the cancer cells are dead – it is just hopefully not as rough on the system as the first lot of chemo.  So here I am just over a month since I was diagnosed and I am almost finished round 1 and I just want to say thank you to all of you who have been there for me.  Just the fact that I know that I have such great support network has meant more to me that you will ever know and while I still have a fair bit to go (ok maybe a bit more than fair) I know that with your backing I will get there, so THANK YOU.

Oh on a plus note I have now been awake for 8 hours – it’s almost a miracle ;0)

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