What A Difference A Year Makes

Hello from Aberdeen. Tomorrow I start to attend lectures at the University here. Ok, I know I started last year but sitting in my own front room is not quite the same. In fact this time last year I was still in Glasgow, I was yet to start my placement in Strath & Sleat, or Drumnadrochit, mum had not had her heart attack (or little incident as she calls it) and dad, dad was still here. How things change. For me this must be one of the most bitter sweet moments of my life. It feels right being here, I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing but it is terrifying being near so many people when Covid numbers are so high. It feels right being here, but I miss my dads gentle humour about what I am doing, but I know beyond doubt that he was proud of me. It feels right being here but sometimes I can’t help wondering why I made it when so many others did not. It feels right being here because this is where I know I am being called but I also have to wonder why me, what have I got to offer? Tomorrow I will walk in to Aberdeen University aware of what a privilege that will be, how lucky I am to be here (not just in Aberdeen) and what a difference a year can make. I will be remembering both the good and the not so good, knowing how blind we are to what our future holds but trusting God to keep leading me on the right path and thanking him for the wonderful people that he has placed in my life (that is you by the way :o) Love as always xxx

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