A bug in the system

One day the phone will go and I will get good news. You have won a new car, you don’t ever have to write and essay again, they have discovered a cure for cancer, you know that sort of thing. My phone calls tend not to be like that and today was no different. Turns out my last blood test shows I have toxoplasmosis, go me. For those who don’t know what it is ” toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection that infects a large proportion of the world’s population, but rarely causes disease. Certain people, however, are at high risk of severe or life-threatening disease from this parasite. They include infants who are infected at birth, people with AIDS, people with cancer, and people who have had bone marrow or organ transplantation.” Yeah me. Sometimes I do wonder who I have annoyed upstairs!!! On the plus side no matter what bug is living in me nothing is stopping me putting up my Christmas decorations, well apart from essay writing which I should really be getting on with. Maybe if I am lucky I will lose the phone in the Christmas decorations and then I wont have to deal with real life till next year when I take them down, or maybe I should just turn it off asking people to ‘please don’t leave a message after the beep – unless you know I have won a car, you have cured cancer etc.’

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