Oh what a day!!!!

So I have no idea how to explain today, except that it did not involve me passing out in a restaurant in my lunch plate like yesterday (got to keep my mum on her toes ;o)  Today I had a meeting with the transplant unit and to say it was terrifying is an understatement. In fact the doctor has folded up my consent form and told me to read it only before I go back in.  So basically they sat with me today and gave me a large list of the things that can go wrong, I think death probably being the worst but at this point I am not sure.  On the plus side my mother was with me and she can only see the positive and for that I am 90% grateful and 10% annoyed.  However before I go for the next step in this fun journey, I have to get in to remission, so come Monday I am back in hospital and hooked up to the drip again 24/7.  To say I can’t wait would be a huge lie but if I am to make it to terrifying transplant (although if you are reading this mother I mean fantastic opportunity transplant :o) then needs must and all that.  I know that positive thought makes all the difference and tomorrow I will be Miss Positive Pants again but tonight I am just a little bit wobbly.

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