Happy 3rd Year

So this day 3 years ago my life changed forever.  It is funny, but the date that one is diagnosed with cancer is kind of like the anti-birthday.   I had even forgot it was today until something niggled at my conscience this morning reminding me.  In these 3 years I have learned a lot of new things, things about myself, things about my family and friends, things about hospitals and their various treatments, new words such as neutropenia and how to live life without catching infections (although I am not sure a picture of me cleaning out the duck pond would be shown next to that word in the dictionary). I have learned to trust in God completely , but also to accept that sometimes He does not save the people that you would have expected and try not to question why you were one of the lucky few to make it.  I have battled infections, liver failure (yellow is not a good colour on me), blood clots, allergic reactions and anemia.  I have had bone-marrow biopsies, chemotherapy, PICC’s,Ports and needles inserted.  I have had more injections in my spine that I thought possible and shown more bits of my body to strangers (they are probably still in therapy) than could ever be considered dignified and yet here I am.   I have not come through treatment unscathed and still struggle at times (my live is no longer on speaking terms with me) but I have made it.  I am still taking medication to deal with some issues and I get my bloods checked regularly (each time that happens there are a few prayers said)  but I am here and I am a stronger (possibly better) person than I was at the start of this journey.  So this is me 3 years down and 2 to go before I hit that wonderful 5 year mark.  I remember reading the statistics of how many people of my age with ALL make the 5 year mark and thinking am I that lucky?  I believe I am, but in truth none of us know what tomorrow holds all we can do is deal with the here and now, love those we are close to, be kind to others, forgive past mistakes, do our very best and never give up on our dreams for these are the things that make life worth living for.

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