Still alive.

It has been pointed out (thank you mother) that I have been rather quiet of late on here and that maybe I should let people know that I am still alive (well you know what I mean).  So here goes….  At the end of January I felt fantastic, ready to take on the world or at least go back to work, but then after my last round of Glasgow chemo I started feeling awful again.  There were some points where even sitting at the table was too much for me and I spent days just living on the sofa.  However thankfully that passed but I have never quite made it back to how I was feeling in January and that is annoying.  Fatigue is a funny thing, it is something more than being tired and it is something that I seem to be facing daily.  There are some days that are fantastic (and I know on these days I cram too much in) but many days I wake up more exhausted than when I went to bed.  I am so lucky however to have the friends and family that I have as feeling sorry for myself is not an option (again thank you mother).  I am also lucky that I have the birds and the bees (no comments please) as looking after them gives me something to do each day no matter how awful I feel.  I also know that no matter how bad I feel there are those that are worse off and I do thank God for each day that I have to annoy those closest to  me (if you have a gift use it, that is what I say ;o)

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