Hair today :o)

Today was a good day.  In fact today was a monumental day.  Today I had my first hair cut (and I don’t mean the kind that takes it all off).  The funny thing was that my hairdresser kept going on about how thick my hair is and I just kept thinking what it was like a few months ago.  Today I also had chemo and tomorrow I get more in my spine but that’s ok for in the last few weeks I have started to drive again (be warned) and now I have had a hair cut.   Each day I am getting stronger.  I have a long way to go yet but right now I feel positive, I am going to beat this thing and I am going to really LIVE.  I don’t know why I am getting this second chance when so many others, others with wives, husbands, children or grandchildren, haven’t, but I am and I will make the most of it (whatever “it” turns out to be).

One comment

  1. Monica Kerr · January 30, 2017

    You are a star!!! And it is our pleasure and privilege to know you, lotsa love Monica and Adrian


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