Thank you Broadford.

I realise that I have been very quiet on here for a while now. In fact since my last round of chemo I have been exhausted and not achieving much, then last week I had to go down to Glasgow for the day to receive chemo in my spine (that had been forgotten about the week before) and that journey almost broke me – I don’t think I have ever been quite so tired before.  Over the weekend however, I ended up with a temperature and have been living in Broadford Hospital (getting antibiotics) since then though tonight I must admit that I am feeling much better.  This is a fantastic hospital and while I will not be sad to see the back of it tomorrow, all being well, the staff here are fantastic and you could not get better anywhere else.  On Friday I am back down to Glasgow to see my consultant and will hopefully find out what my next treatment step involves but until them I am looking forward to getting out and getting home and sleeping in my own bed again – it is the little things  in life that you have to be most grateful for.

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