More ramblings.

Today I spent the entire day at the hospital – oh the joy.  The good news is my liver continues to improve, the bad news is that means I am now on 4 different chemo treatments and they are all going to be full strength.  Somehow I think that this might cause a small issue with energy levels over Christmas.  I have, however, been given some anti-sickness medication so I am hoping it does its trick and turkey stays on the menu.

The high point of today for me happened while sitting in the pharmacy.  James Martin was doing his Christmas cooking programme which is all full of butter and creams (see I am not the only one watching what they cannot eat).  This other woman in the pharmacy was watching it and started a conversation with the rest of us about how all her friends have been giving her books, advice etc. about the right foods to eat when fighting cancer, however she has decided that if she is going to die she will eat what she likes.  The only problem being that she can’t cook – death by microwave meal I am not sure if that is the way I would want to go out!

Sadly this week Fiona also found out that she is not a match for any transplant that I might need.  (As Fiona did not take this news well she asked Chad to let me know and this meant that I had a small panic attack when I saw his number as I thought something awful must have happened.)  I know I have said this before but I truley think that the families of those of us with serious illness go through more than we do in some ways.  Before Fiona was tested I told her that she was not to be upset if she was not a match but I guess that is easier said than done.  I hope that if I need a transplant a match is found, but the fact that Fiona can’t do it does not bother me as I know that she and all the rest of my friends and family are there supporting me every step of the way and that is what is really important.

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