I’ll be home for Christmas

Started chemo again yesterday and feeling pretty yucky tonight, however the good news is that I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off next week and thus should get home.  I am so happy about that, I know it may only be three days, but I have not been home for three months so three days at Christmas is such a blessing.  I have been told that I might not get home for New Year as I may be back in hospital but I am hoping to prove the docs wrong.

So as I have already mentioned I have started my chemo again and you would be amazed at how cheery the ward is where I go for treatment.  The hospital is having a Christmas window competition and the window in my room has the theme “blood is for life not just for Christmas” which is apt I guess ;o)  The staff there are fantastic and the patients, well nobody would know that they were in there fighting for their lives (except maybe the hair gives it away) as there is only fun and laughter in the treatment room even amongst strangers which is the way it should be I guess.


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  1. Robina macgregor · December 15, 2015

    It great news that you are getting home for a few days at Christmas. You animals will love seeing you they are bound to be missing you. Take care Jade wishing you a happy Christmas.


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