Almost as fit as 007 – if he was 120 years old.

Today has been a good day.  Today I went to the cinema with a friend and I did it all by myself (yes I know exactly how that sounds).  Three weeks after getting out of hospital I am still unable to climb the stairs without stopping half-a-dozen times, but I managed to get in and out of town without help from friends or family.  In the last week I have been out for afternoon tea with my sister and a friend, and have also been to a museum with another friend, but in both cases I was driven from the house to where I was going and then driven back again.  I also have to admit that I was exhausted both times and just crashed when I arrived home but as you can tell that is not the case tonight.  Today I was out of the house for almost 5 hours, and yes most of that was spent sitting on my butt watching the new Bond movie (which is really good by the way as is his butt), but the fact still stands that I did it.  As I wait for my liver to start functioning again, I am unable to receive any more treatment, and as such I have really just been treading water.   At times this has left me feeling a bit down and a bit frustrated but the fact that I can now get into town by myself means that I have a little more freedom, although I will have to plan all my trips starting from the top of Buchanan Street and working down, as I am not sure I am quite up to going the other way yet ;o)

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