Hair today and gone tomorrow.

So I know I have not posted in a few days, but that is because it has been a rough time although on the plus side my neutrophils are fantastic.  In the last few days my hair has come off (as the hairdresser said it was probably time when the cleaner was hovering my bed) and my eyes have gone a lovely shade of yellow.  The other night I had 3 units of blood, an anti-sickness medication (I did not know it was possible to be quite so sick) and an anti-clotting drug and by the morning I felt so much better.  However today I have had an allergic reaction to one of these medications and am now an itchy spotty version of my usual self.  I appear to also be on the cancer diet where the only things I can eat and keep down are soup and yogurt. To top it all my mouth feels like I have been licking slugs bottoms or is that the bottom of slugs (I would like to point out here that I never have) and is rather horrible.  So I guess that explains where I have been and I don’t mean slug licking.  As such I have decided to write this and post earlier than usual because it appears that most days now the afternoons and evenings are nap or bedtime.

Tomorrow the wig lady comes in and I get to choose my new hair style.  I am at this stage unsure whether to go with something similar to my normal hair or go funky.  I guess I will have to wait an see what the choices are and what she thinks works.  Tomorrow I am also getting a scarf tying class, this is to show us the best and easiest way to cover our heads.  So I guess now is the time to show you the new me (I might as well get it over in one go) so this is me now…


So that is it.  The hat came from my cousin and I think improves things 100%.  While it is brilliant at covering up my lack of hair I must admit that I can’t wait for my wig.

One comment

  1. kate · November 11, 2015

    You’ve got a beautiful face, Jade! Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough ride and hope things keep getting better!


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