A Little Leap of Faith

I would never consider myself to be a delicate flower, more baby buffalo, but even I appear to have met my limit.  On Monday I had to go in for another bone marrow, lumber puncture and chemo.  I have lost count of how many I have had but lets just say I  am now a pro.  The bone marrow was as good as having a needle stuck in your hip bone can be, but then they moved on to the lumbar puncture and let me tell you it is nothing like you see on those made for tv films.  There I was sat on the edge of the bed, good as gold,  as they tried to push a needle in to my spine – well one minute I was sitting the next minute I was waking up to an oxygen mask being put on my face and then if that was not bad enough I decided I had to start throwing up.   You would honestly think by this time I would have seen/done it all, but obviously not.  To top it off I was told on Monday I will need a top up of cells as my donor count has dropped again.  This means that I will be stuck in Glasgow for at least another few months as there could be issues with this procedure.   On the plus side my mother does like a good charity shop rummage so she is in her element now the shops are open again.

With all this in mind, one might not think that this is the time for make huge life changing decisions, however it turns out that is not the case.  This week I had to decided whether I was going to start training for the ministry as well as start Uni and this has not been an easy decision.  While I could put it off for another year I have come to realise how short life is and after much prayer and debate I found myself ticking the yes boxes and as of Friday I start my training.  While I have no idea how easy or difficult the next stage of treatment is going to be I need to try to move forward.  While it is true that I am not in the clear yet, I feel that this leap of faith is the right one to be making, after all there is very little that can stop a baby buffalo (except for a needle in the spine ;o) especially if she has faith.

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