Mixed News Day

So this time I said there would be more positive news and there is. We are at that do you want the good news of the bad news point. So let me start with the good news. I have finally moved out of the hospital and am now living in a flat, which mum and dad came down to see on Wednesday and then helped me to furnish it. The flat may be tiny but it is on the ground floor and now that I am in it it feels ok.. It may not be home but it is my home for the next wee while.
So that is the good news. Now for the not so good. On Wednesday I had another bone marrow biopsy, and let me tell you there is very little that beats having a needle stuck in your hip bone. Today I got the results and they had to tall me that I have not made remission and that I still have 6% leukemia cells. In order to get the transplant I have to be leukemia free! They also explained that if they get me in to remission I have to stay in remission until my transplant and that treating relapsed ALL in people of my age is difficult. Of course they told me this in the nicest possible way but it is all very difficult to hear. Thankfully mum was with me (yes I know at my age I should not need that) and that helped as she does not hear the negative and only the the positive and while I might be only thinking the worst she sees only the best (some people might call it denial, but not me ;o). So the question is what now? Well first off all there will be much prayer and secondly I will have to get myself out of this funk then I guess we try again. While the news today has left me wondering what if the worst happens my mother is right onwards and upwards and just keep fighting.

One comment

  1. Robina · August 30, 2019

    Glad you are in your flat now and listen to your mum, as mums know best Jade. Remember we are all praying for you and are here for you always.xx


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