The drugs do hurt!

The worst thing about being on steroids (apart from the amazing weight gain I achieved this week) is coming off them.  Today has been awful.  Doing anything has taken more effort than I thought possible and the funny thing is that it has probably been the same every time I have come off them but you forget until it hits you again.  I have no idea why people would do these drugs for fun, NONE.

On the plus side I am beginning to see the end of treatment and making plans for next year when it is all over.  I have recently applied to be on the local Children’s Panel and have been accepted and will start my training next month.  I have also been down visiting my family and all I can say is sorry to everyone on facebook as I have no control over what happens when Fiona gets my phone ;o)

So what does next year look like?  Well there is my uni course (which I may need to study for before then) and the Children’s Panel and a job (I hope – if anyone is mad enough to take me on) and who knows what else.   Today I may not be feeling my best but I am however looking forward to what the future has is store (so long as it keeps the surprise on the lighter side of life).

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