Off on my travels

I am back down to Glasgow tomorrow.  Now one would be lead to believe from that statement that it has been a while since I was there, but no it has only been since Friday.  Friday when I went down and was checked on to the ward only to be sent home again without my new line being put in.  So tomorrow we have to play that fun game called “find a vein” and they have promised that they will put a new line in this week.  However I have had to remind them that I live 5 hours away from the hospital so it is not like I can just pop in on a whim.  I am guessing that I will be back home this week without a line in and I think I may be ok with that.  There is something about having a line in that means you are sick but I can almost convince myself I am fine when there is no plastic tubing in me.  That said I know that having the portacath in place will make life so much easier and I will just be glad to have the procedure out of the way.

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