Back in the Beatson.

So I have not posted much on here in the last couple of weeks.  That has mostly been due to the fact that I was home and having a wonderful time not thinking about ALL.  I have been busy working out in the garden and even my bees came out to see me one day, which I thought was awfully brave.  I also went back to church which was nice and is something I intend to do more often now that I am getting home regularly.

Today however I am back down in Glasgow supposedly to start my next round of chemo as an outpatient but as the all of the best made plans go I am not going to be doing that.  Instead I am back on the ward (in my own room as I am being spoilt) having intravenous antibiotics to combat an infection.  This is very reminisce  of how I ended up here in the first place which is somewhat frustrating.  Hopefully however I will only be in for a couple of days and then on with my chemo.  Having been an  idiot and not called my doctor yesterday, as I did not think it merited it, I was forced to make the call today when I arrived in Glasgow.  I have to admit that, like everyone that is treating me, the staff here are fantastic and when I called the support line they could not have been any more helpful and as I have already had my first lot of antibiotics I am hoping to be on the mend soon after all I have gardening to do.

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