Positive Thinking

So five weeks today I was admitted to hospital and let me tell you something five weeks trapped inside can be a very long time.  Now however I am finished my inpatient treatment, more or less, and I did it without any problems – I even still have my hair!  At the moment I am being given an injection every night in order to get my neutrophils up and once they reach a certain level I become an out patient – yipeeeee.

Now however, as I am looking forward to getting out, my sister is getting ready to go in to hospital.  After coming home to visit the family healthy she is left with cement burns on her knees.  So on Thursday she has to go into hospital for a skin graft.  I think between the both of us we may be pushing my mother towards the edge but in our defence we were never really sick when we were growing up.

So tonight is craft night.  Two of the ladies on my ward are running temperatures, but are still asking to go (and they managed), which I think shows just how much these evenings mean to us.  For the majority of the time we sit in our rooms passing the time by reading, colouring in (what?  It’s therapeutic or so the books claim), playing on the internet or chatting to each other and visitors but still our day starts at 6,30am and that is a lot of hours to fill.

That’s me back from craft night, where I made a snowflake this week.  It is a bitter sweet class because some people are making these decorations while knowing that they will not be home for Christmas and will instead be in isolation after transplants.  Tonight I decided that I will be home for Christmas even if I can’t stay there full time.  I have so many people praying for me and sending their positive thoughts that I think maybe I can do this.  I want to be with my family, I miss them so much, and I want to hang these decorations on our tree.  So now I have set myself a goal, which in all honesty I am not sure is realistic or not, but it gives me something to aim for and we all need that.

On another positive note I have a friend who has just offered to run a half marathon raising money for autism and the Beatson which is more than generous and extremely touching.  In a world where we are so often inundated with bad news there are still so many kind and inspiring people out there, people willing to go that extra mile (pardon the pun) and I feel blessed to know so many of you.

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